Sustainable Haiti Project

Following a devastating earthquake in 2010, Pearse Lyons and Alltech launched the Sustainable Haiti Project in the town of Ouanaminthe with the goal of helping build a sustainable future in one small part of Haiti. Our efforts have focused on education by improving and upgrading schools, strengthening local Haitian enterprises by launching a Haitian coffee (Alltech Café Citadelle), and leading various economic development projects throughout the country.

Beyond the earthquake: Haiti’s long-term challenges

There are many ongoing problems in Haiti that have been compounded by natural disasters. The poorest country in the Western hemisphere, centuries of poverty have resulted in poorly built and maintained structures and sprawling slums comprised of makeshift housing.

Additionally, unsustainable timber harvesting and agricultural clearing have continued for more than two centuries, resulting in devastating soil erosion. This has increased the frequency of flooding and reduced the country’s agricultural potential.

Sustainable economic growth is the key to making a long-term difference in Haiti, which is why we are investing in its future at the grassroots level.

Sustainable growth begins in the community

There can be no sustainability without education, which is why the Sustainable Haiti Project includes complete financial responsibility as well as renovations and educational support for two grade schools in northern Haiti. The project has also resurrected a Haitian gem: the country’s 100% shade-grown Arabica coffee, which Alltech markets and sells as Alltech® Café Citadelle.

Together, we are helping build a more sustainable future in one small part of Haiti by creating employment opportunities for the Haitian people and sparking a lifelong love of learning in its children.